Lean material staging and clear paths of travel make for a safe site

Transforming Work With Lean
The foundational elements of a lean approach are respect for people and a commitment to continuous improvement. Applying the principles of lean, rooted in those two key elements, Turner finds ways to maximize client value by minimizing any waste of time, labor and materials. On a lean project, instead of imagining the construction process as a combination of activities, all team members imagine it as a single, fluid operation, with each task leading seamlessly and efficiently into the next. 

Lean projects are characterized by more inclusive and effective collaboration and communication, more reliable scheduling through use of tools such as the Last Planner System™, and cleaner, more organized jobsites -- all of which contribute directly to dramatic cost and time savings, increased efficiency, and a marked improvement in safety. “That’s the real power of lean,” said Bob Grimes, Lean Manager. “It’s a cycle in which our focus on cultivating an ever-better environment for our people and trade partners in turn leads to better outcomes across the board, including a safer workplace and enhanced value for our clients.”

Path to Success
We recognize that lean is a journey and our team members, trade partners, and designers are all at different places. This is why we guide all of our jobs with a lean road map, designed to remind us that we can continuously improve, and give us a framework in which to do so.

Pull planning sessions include all stakeholders and incorporate all viewpoints, resulting in a more reliable schedule and a sense of personal buy-in on the part of everyone involved.


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