Turner to Target Net Zero Energy for Yale University's Physical Sciences and Engineering Building

October 26, 2021

Turner Construction Company’s Connecticut office was awarded the preconstruction consultancy services contract for the $365 million project for Yale University’s Physical Sciences and Engineering Building, which will feature forward-thinking sustainability efforts targeting net-zero energy performance.

The project aligns with Yale’s goals of being an intellectual hub for the Quantum Science, Engineering and Materials Initiative as well as fundamentally shifting both the design and construction industries.  

This project will benefit from the expertise of the company’s Turner Engineering Group and Sustainability Group as well as Turner’s regional Higher Education and laboratory experts. It will feature forward-thinking sustainability efforts including carbon reduction to lower energy and carbon impact during the construction process. The building will also target net zero performance and rely on a concerted prefabrication and lean strategy. 

The physics and engineering research complex will include a 253,000 square foot research laboratory building, a 48,000 square foot addition to Wright Laboratory and a 220 space-parking garage. The facility will include an advanced instrumentation development center, research labs, offices, seminar rooms, social spaces, chemical safety facility, and delivery services nodes. The multi-sequenced, multi-building project will demolish several existing buildings, including a chemistry safety building, laboratory and parking garage. In addition to the extensive demolition, soils remediation, major utility relocations and installations as well as subterranean and above grade structures are included in the scope of work.

“This awarded contract is a testament to our ability to leverage Turner’s expertise across the business unit and entire company,” said Turner Preconstruction Manager, Valerie Donahue. “A very special thank you goes out to our many local, national and regional experts who were instrumental in helping us win this very important project for Yale and Turner.”

The project is slated to begin construction in summer 2023 and complete in 2027 with an intensive preconstruction effort beginning in the summer of 2022.

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