Announcing New Executive Vice Presidents at Turner Construction Company

September 09, 2021

Turner Construction Company is pleased to announce that Christa Andresky and Rosemarie Demonte have been promoted to Executive Vice President.

As Turner’s Chief Financial Officer, Christa Andresky is building upon the finance teams’ strengths and keeping them consistent with Turner’s focus and commitment towards people and customer service. In addition, Christa is responsible for maintaining Turner’s strong balance sheet and providing strategic evaluations of growth opportunities and creating value for stakeholders. Christa joined Turner in 2013 as a Vice President and Controller. She became a Senior Vice President in 2017, and became the Chief Financial Officer in 2021.

Turner’s Chief Human Resources Officer Rosemarie Demonte provides overall leadership of Turner's Human Resources group including Knowledge and Learning, Talent Management, Recruiting and Internal Mobility, Employee Relations, and Compensation and Benefits. Rosemarie joined the company in 2002 as a Director of Recruiting. In 2008, she was promoted to Vice President of Recruiting, and became a Senior Human Resources Director the following year. In 2020, Rosemarie became Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer.

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