Making a Difference as Leading Builder in the Healthcare Industry

May 27, 2020

Modern Healthcare recognized Turner as the top Construction Management Company with $3.7 billion completed healthcare construction projects in 2019. 

Modern Healthcare has once again recognized the firm as the leading construction management company for healthcare facilities — a distinction Turner has earned for 20 years.

“More than ever before, creating world-class healing environments is a serious responsibility. It is a responsibility we do not take for granted,” said Randy Keiser, vice president and director of Turner’s National Healthcare Group. “We are grateful to our respected clients who continue to put their trust in us.”  

Today’s healthcare needs also bring about a new kind of “rapid response” by builders. Turner was recently called upon to build space to deliver urgent patient care in 20 communities across the United States in response to COVID-19. The efforts resulted in the availability of 4,000 patient care beds in a matter of weeks including a temporary hospital for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Stony Brook University in New York. “At Stony Brook, we built a 1,038 bed facility and its associated mechanical and electrical equipment in 24 days,” said Keiser. “The coordination and mobilization by everyone involved to design and build that project was remarkable.

During 2019, Turner completed projects in major cities and in rural communities across the United States. The projects ranged in size from billion dollar programs to renovations that adapted space to meet the individual needs of clients. “We are seeing an increased need to deliver projects that enable growth, support the introduction of new technologies, and meet dynamic demands from our clients and the communities they serve,” said Keiser.

“Construction Management firms are required to have extensive, broad knowledge and experience to meet the unique demands of building in the healthcare environment. They also need to lead efforts in budgeting, supply chains, and technology to be effective,” said Keiser.

“We work on highly collaborative teams to complete complex projects. One such project was retrofitting space within a healthcare environment to house a pioneering Cell Processing Facility for the University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences,” said Keiser. “Our healthcare and manufacturing experience was called into one project.”

“We are honored to leverage our experience and expertise to help create successful projects, that cater to the needs of our most vulnerable citizens, and also consider the environment of care for our front line workers,” continued Keiser.

Turner Construction Company delivers its services on more than 277 healthcare projects a year. In 2019 alone, Turner completed $3.7 billion of healthcare construction for clients in 23 states. Turner’s breadth and depth of experience has earned the company its reputation as a trusted, go-to builder for leading hospital systems and hospitals, clinics, specialty facilities, and medical office building clients.

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