Turner Construction Company’s Holds Annual Founders’ Day of Service

May 03, 2019

Turner employees around the world will celebrate the company’s 117th anniversary—and honor its long history of community engagement—by partnering with colleagues and friends to participate in community service projects.

Employees in Turner’s offices around the world will stop work and join forces with their colleagues and local charities and organizations to give back to their communities. Activities include repairing homes, cleaning parks, delivering meals to the elderly, preparing food for veterans and the homeless, and many other important activities.

Celebrating the milestone of 117 years with a company-wide day of service reflects and honors Turner’s long history of community engagement, outreach, and partnership, and the company’s belief that belief that service is an essential part of good corporate citizenship.

“Every day throughout the year, we work to improve the communities we serve through the buildings we build,” said Karen Sweeney, senior vice president of Community and Citizenship. She continued, “During 2018, more than 5,000 employees participated in 400 community service events and completed 25,000 hours of service. Founders’ Day continues our tradition of service and provides us with a great opportunity to connect our people around the world in a common effort and to support so many worthy organizations.”

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