Turner Construction Company’s 15th Annual Safety Stand-Down Will be Largest in Company History

May 02, 2019

Turner to suspend work on 1,500 projects around the world to hold largest safety stand-down in company history and will gather 100,000 colleagues, trade partners, clients, and friends, to reaffirm a collective commitment to safety 

Turner Construction Company will suspend work on 1,500 jobsites around the world on May 6, as the firm holds its 15th annual Safety Stand-Down. The Stand-Down events provide a platform to obtain the full engagement of everyone working on our projects to commit to be All In on safety.

The Stand-Down leads off Safety Week activities in which we will hold daily toolbox talks focused on empowerment and safety topics, such as proper pre-planning, wellness and physical preparedness, and fall protection. “The topics were specifically chosen because they have a great impact on the safety and health of everyone on the projects every day,” said Cindy DePrater, senior vice president, chief environmental health & safety officer.

DePrater continued, “Each work day, approximately 100,000 people work on a Turner jobsite. They come to work to achieve great things, work extremely hard, and look forward to going home safely to their loved ones. Our Safety Stand-Down provides us with the opportunity to thank them for building the schools, hospitals and other facilities that make a difference in our communities. It also provides us with an opportunity to remind them to only perform a task if it can be done safely, and to look out for their colleagues and stop any work of any individual if they have a safety concern.”

During safety week, we will explore topics through the lens of this year’s Safety Stand-Down theme, I’m All In, which encourages workers to reflect and commit to be All In on safety by upholding the four principles of Turner’s safety culture — All Injuries are Preventable; Perform a Job Only if it is Safe; Working Safely is a Condition of Employment; Practice and Expect Safe Behavior Everywhere, Every Day.

“A Safety Stand-Down is a time when we take a break from our daily tasks to gather in a safe place, a place that is physically safe as well as a place that is safe to speak up,” said DePrater. This is a place where we want to hear the voice of the front-line worker, not just on this day, but every day.” She continued, “I’m All In highlights ways that by making the right choices, creating the right environment, and being a courageous leader when it comes to safety, we can positively influence our personal safety and well-being, as well as that of our friends, and our coworkers.”

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