ENR recognizes Cross Border Xpress project with an Award of Merit as part of their Global Best Projects Awards

August 22, 2016

Engineering News-Record recently recognized Turner’s Otay-Tijuana Cross Border Xpress project with an Award of Merit as part of their Global Best Projects Awards. 

“It was a special, one-of-a-kind project,” said Viry Martino, a project engineer in the San Diego office, reflecting on the recognition and more broadly on the success of the project. A Tijuana native, she grew up hearing about plans for the crossing, which made her role in its eventual construction all the more meaningful. “With people involved on both sides of the border, construction became a big community event. And the project was a bridge to connect the two cultures. That’s what made it so remarkable. Instead of being separated by the border, we were working across it together."

Built as an efficient link between Tijuana’s A.L. Rodriquez International Airport and the U.S. Customs processing facility in Otay Mesa, California, the facility allows ticketed airline passengers to pay a toll to cross from the United States directly into the Tijuana Airport (and back) – the two buildings are fewer than 400 feet away from each other, with the border in between. Turner managed construction of the United States entry/exit building, a two-story structure of approximately 60,000 square feet, which houses United States Customs and Border Patrol operations space, in-bound and out-bound customs booths, meeting areas, maintenance areas, check-in areas, shops, restaurants, and short and long-term parking.

Turner also managed construction of the stateside portion of the pedestrian walkway – the actual bridge over the border. “When the building opened officially I got to be the first passenger to walk through!” added Viry, describing a buzzing media event with senior leadership, customs officials, and more. “Everybody came together, excited to see it open. I think we were all very proud to be a part of the team making the connection."

The project has also garnered recognition from a number of other sources:

  • The Construction Management Association of America – CMAA Project of the Year, Transportation Over $15 Million category.
  • Structural Engineering Association of San Diego – SEAOSD Excellence in Structural Engineering Award, Landmark Structures
  • American Public Works Association – APWA Project of the Year 
  • Engineering News-Record – Regional Best Projects, Southern California, Airports/Transit
  • Women’s Transportation Seminar, San Diego Chapter – Best Transit & Roadway Project, Large-Scale

For more, check out our previous TKN coverage of the project here: 

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Contact the contributors: Tracy Frey (mailto:tnfrey@tcco.com) and Viry Martino (mailto:vmartino@tcco.com).

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