Confidential CH2 Data Center

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project at a glance

Turner provided preconstruction and design/ build construction services for a 22.8MW data center. The project consists of site work to provide redundant water feeds, generator platform extensions, emergency generators, and 13.2kV electrical feeds from existing substation distribution. The interior fit out of the existing building consists of three floors across two buildings: Level 0 (CUB Building Only), Level 1 (CUB and COLO Buildings), Level 2 (CUB and COLO Buildings), as well as a roof level (CUB and COLO Buildings). Level 0 includes the fit out for UPS modules, batteries and switchboards. Level 1 CUB building houses IT Substations and distribution equipment. Level 1 COLO will house future expansion, general storage, and STS/ PDU galleries. Level 2 CUB building houses mechanical and reserve substations and distribution equipment. Level 2 COLO building houses the data halls. The CUB building roof structure houses DSE cooling equipment mounted on a raised steel platform that services the CUB building. The COLO building roof structure houses 72 RTUs (also mounted on a raised steel platform) that cool the COLO building. Turner Logistics is providing electrical and mechanical equipment for this project.



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