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Turner is providing construction management at risk services for Project Alluvian, a multi-phased data center campus in Des Moines, Iowa. The multi-billion dollar campus consists of four phases, constructed on a 154-acre site.

Project Alluvian is a multi-phase data center campus that occupies a site outside Des Moines, Iowa. It boasts more than 1.2 million square feet of buildings, 4.5 miles of foundations, 6,000 tons of structural steel, and 3-million strands of fiber.

The project includes extensive critical power control and reliability systems as well as telecom fiber, hot aisle containment, server racks, and pathways. Each of the four construction phases includes approximately 325,000 square feet of construction, featuring insulated metal panel walls, exposed concrete floors, 21 generators, and 64 AHUs. Each phase also includes data hall space occupying roughly 300,000 square feet and providing approximately 32 megawatts, for a total of 128 megawatts of critical power, produced by 77 2.5 megawatt generators.

The first phase of Project Alluvian began in the summer of 2014. It is unique among the other three phases in two distinct ways: in addition to construction of four, single-story structures, phase one included a 33,000 square foot Administration Building. It also included construction of four communication and networking riser (CNR)/Point of Presence buildings that provide a network gateway for the campus.
The second, third, and fourth phases of Project Alluvian are identical in size with each phase consisting of four single-story structures connected by support buildings totaling approximately 325,000 square feet, with planned critical power of 32 megawatts per phase.

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