Crowne Plaza Belgrade

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Renovated and rebranded as a Crowne Plaza, this regional landmark has been host to many heads of state and important guests over its 30+ year history.

The ten-story, 4-star, 416-key hotel includes a pool, a spa, bars, lounges, restaurants, conference facilities, a ballroom, and a large back of house area comprised of several kitchens, sophisticated mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations, and administration areas. In addition to the other mechanical upgrades, the redevelopment of the hotel also included significant upgrades to the fire safety system including redesigned evacuation plans, fire zones, finishing materials, pressured stairs and shafts, sprinklers and other automatic fire suppression systems, as well as coating of original steel structures with fire retardants.

The hotel is listed as a heritage building and the design preserves the aesthetic appearance of the original structure. Also designed to be energy efficient, the facade and updated mechanical systems provide improved energy efficiency. Building operations are now fully automatic and controlled by a building management system.

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