Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Parking Deck

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project at a glance

This parking structure at the downtown Detroit campus of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is a 600,000 square foot structure with 1,832 spaces. The rooftop is vegetated with 4,800 square feet of pink and yellow blooming sedum. A 0.10 mile running track made of recycled tire rubber is also on the roof and used by employees.

The parking structure is connected to the headquarters building through a re-built link corridor on the west side of the cafeteria. Special care was taken by the Turner team to keep these areas safe and clean with minimal noise or disruptions to Blue Cross Blue Shield employees. 

Construction within the park and plaza area also included the relocation and renovation of an existing fountain. The new plaza gathering space now includes a curved wall landscape, two levels of pre-cast seating and stairways. The project officially became LEED certified in October 2007.

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