University of Oregon Central Power Station Upgrade

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The Central Power Station upgrade for the University of Oregon included modernizing and building power production capacity of the Central Station to prepare for future campus expansion. The upgrades will increase the efficiency and capacity for the CPS to serve new buildings as well as future development to the east section campus.

The CPS is the distribution point for campus utilities, sending power throughout three miles of tunnels around the campus supplying heating, cooling and electricity for 4.4 million square feet of space. The first phase of work involved constructing a new 15,000 square foot chiller building with upgraded equipment including five 1,500-ton centrifugal chillers, fifteen 600-ton induced draft cooling towers and 25 centrifugal pumps ranging up to 400-horsepower.

Construction on the new chiller building took place adjacent to a millrace and steam plant serving the campus. Working next to the steam plant, it was critical that the work was carefully sequenced in order to prevent any disruptions to campus operations.

Turner Logistics procured updated chillers, cooling towers, generators, variable frequency drives (VFDs), a paralleling switchgear, transformers, a unit substation, a steam boiler, air handling units and power monitoring systems for the upgrade.

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