John Jay College of Criminal Justice

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The College of Criminal Justice is a 625,000 square foot "campus within a building" that doubles the size of John Jay's existing facilities. Located on 11th Avenue between 58th and 59th streets, the college's new facility provides all the functions of a traditional campus within a single city block while adding classrooms, laboratories, auditoriums, faculty offices, and student lounges.

The presence of Amtrak trains under the southwest corner of the site forced the structural engineers, Leslie E. Robertson Associates, to come up with an unusual structural system for John Jay College's tower building. The top nine floors of the building are hung from steel outrigger trusses that are supported by the building's structural core. As a result, these upper floors have no traditional perimeter columns; instead, smaller hanger rods support the floors. The lower five floors of the building are supported by a conventional steel frame structural system.

Elements of public programs such as the bookstore/cafe, child care center, and a computing hub are located at the street level in order to activate the pedestrian and community activity.

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