Nationwide Children's Hospital

Since 1992, Turner has worked closely with Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio and has built multiple projects on their campus. Currently, Turner is completing work on a 750,000 square foot, 13-story replacement hospital on the campus and later this year will also complete work on a seven-story, 232,000 square-foot research building.

The teams working on these buildings truly believe, as the hospital stated, “We’re building more than a new hospital. We’re building the future of pediatric care.” The Research building, with laboratories designed to foster collaboration and abundant natural light, is an example of Turner’s innovative and Lean approach to project delivery.

An early action that helped Turner establish a Lean culture and promote the kind of collaboration essential to Lean, was initiation of a Study Action Team with the architect and owner. Together, the team read The Commercial Real Estate Revolution. The staff reports that the content, as well as the subsequent discussions, helped shape the owner’s understanding of what it means to own, and collaborate on, a Lean project.

The Last Planner System – a collaborative scheduling method that has subcontractors and construction managers plan work backwards from project milestones and hard deadlines to improve schedule reliability and teamwork – a primary tenet of Lean construction, helped the project team start phasing work, beginning with underground utilities and foundations packages. The team set a goal of a one-week batch-flow on three laboratory floors and used the first batch as a first-run-study. The study helped the crews find the most efficient and reliable way to complete the batch, and allowed them to complete the remaining eight batches in a 34 week, single-crew work flow sequence, rather than the originally planned, 37-week, multiple-crew process.

Turner installed a computer in the field on which Turner team members and trade contractors can access a master set of updated construction and contract documents without returning to their offices or site trailers. The project team also used Turner c. docs and Turner e. docs to manage documents electronically. This digital document management protocol saves time and improves the accuracy of notes; it also helps keep all project collaborators on the same page.

The project team used Building Information Modeling to enhance coordination and scheduling. Using a combination of 2D drawings and 3D model files, the team held pull-planning sessions throughout the project, which have helped save time, and reveal opportunities for improved efficiency and improved trade coordination. Also using 3D model files, MEP trade contractors were able to coordinate and prefabricate portions of their systems. Fabricating and assembling building systems off site means not only are the systems of higher quality, having been produced in controlled environments, but the site is free of the extra material and is therefore cleaner and safer.

Turner is proud to have played an important role in the strategic expansion of Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s campus. The expansion, which adds more than 1 million square feet, will make Nationwide Children’s Hospital one of the largest pediatric facilities in the country.


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