Opportunity to Grow

Moving Up
Realizing your potential requires the right opportunities and resources. At Turner we invest in the development of your career through coaching, as well as through our orientation, training and feedback programs. 

New Hire Orientation
When you are hired at Turner, whether you are just beginning your career or have years of experience in the industry, you are invited to an orientation conference with your peers. For New Hires, this conference is an introduction to the professional world. It is an educational program designed to help recent graduates understand and adapt to their roles at Turner. For Experienced New Hires, this conference introduces the Turner approach to the business of construction. Both conferences have seminars that touch on topics from Turner’s safety program to business development.

Continuing Your Education
To encourage the continued growth of your knowledge base and skills, Turner offers both online courses at the national level and instructor led seminars taught in each business unit. These courses and seminars are tailored to where you stand in your career and cover everything from technical topics like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Mechanical Systems to personal development topics like Diversity and Leadership.

We believe that a well-trained staff, striving to meet both personal and professional goals, is the heart of our company. With our Development Appraisal System (D.A.S) we evaluate employee performance, listen to feedback and establish career goals and milestones together. Because the evaluation is also a conversation, we are able to better structure an individual learning plan and assist our employees to realize their maximum potential.

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