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The interiors of Yankee stadium feature a variety of restaurants, lounges, dining areas, food services offices, retail offices, commissary, public and retail merchandise space. The Stadium’s food and beverage facilities also include a 210-seat Hard Rock Café and 128-seat NYYSteak, both open year-round to fans and local residents; ticket holders and non-ticket holders.

The “Batter’s Eye” is in centerfield and features a tiered seating area, two full service bars, metal mesh ceiling panels and baseball card light fixtures which feature 16 Yankees of the past as they appeared on Topps trading cards. A baseball is stitched into the slab in three colors which gives the space a unique floor finish. 

The Legends Club” is a 2-level restaurant and bar located behind home plate and has a combined occupancy of 1,015 persons. Some of its featured elements include “Blue Glass” which adorns the interconnecting stair between the two levels and the cube entry. The blue glass along with the screen walls located throughout the space pay homage to the iconic NY Yankees logo. Graph wall systems located around the Club perimeter are made up of over 800 panels also featuring the famous “NY” logo in multiple colors and orientations. “Soda Lite Blue” bar tops for the space were imported from Italy. 

The “Stadium Club” located in left field has an occupancy of 552 persons. The space features parson’s tables along the multi-level tiered seating area which runs the full length of the curtain wall. The bar countertop is made of a vibrant “honey onyx” and the space also offers an exterior dining area.

Grab-n’-go “Dugout Lounges A and B” are located on the first & third base lines which has a combined occupancy of 200 persons. Bar tops and drink rails located around the perimeter of the spaces are made from a cool gray resin acrylic which mimics a silver cloud in the sky.

Additionally a large food court near centerfield accommodates fans from more than 5,000 bleacher seats.

The “Sky Suite Terrace Club” is located on the 300-level behind home plate and offers a full service wood top bar, and food serving station.  The space features wood ceilings, blue and white marble floors and stainless steel drink rails with the iconic “NY” logo etched on the surface.  A private dining room has burled wood doors, ultra-suede walls and blue and white marble floors. The Suite level rooms can double into a double suite by opening its retractable doors to accommodate parties of up to 80 people.  Door numbers on each suite door bear the same front as Yankee uniforms.

The full functioning basement acts as a servicing and storage area as well as houses the telephone, boiler rooms and allows only electrical (not gas) vehicles.

Turner Interiors' attention to detail and experience of world-class brands with the use of specialized materials and extensive millwork was of utmost importance to ensure accurate representation of the iconic Yankee brand in this project.

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