Moseley Hall Renovation

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Lathrop provided the complete renovation of Moseley Hall into science labs. Originally built in 1913, Moseley Hall is a four story, 43,330 square foot building, which after renovations has re-defined STEM education and research in the flexible, interdisciplinary lab and classroom environment for classes across the sciences.

The program provides flexible, interdisciplinary lab and classroom environments for Chemistry, Biology, Medical Laboratory Science, Anatomy and Physiology. Students are able to take introductory courses in a flexible and collaborative space that conforms and supports the teaching and learning platform. In 2014, Bowling Green State University received $16 million from the State of Ohio and an additional $6.6 million was provided from University funds to support the work necessary to demo, renovate and transform Moseley Hall into a 21st century STEM facility. The following labs have been incorporated: General flex labs for Medical Laboratory Science, General Biology labs, Anatomy and Physiology labs, General Chemistry lab and Honors Chemistry lab. The University achieved LEED Gold certification. 

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