Avenida Guadalupe Association Inc. Promesa Building

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project at a glance

  • Client Avenida Guadalupe Association, Inc.
  • Architect Lopez Salas Architects, Inc.  
  • Location San Antonio, TX
  • Attributes Low-RiseCommercialTexas

The Promesa Building is a neighborhood development initiative through which small businesses and local startups are able to lease space at an affordable rate, which in turn leads to more commerce and job creation in the neighborhood. The 15,600 square foot, two-story building features a glass and steel lobby with an iconic multi-curved metal roof. The facility features sustainable elements such as insulated glass for protection against heat gain and a white roof with supportive insulation values and numerous shade trees. To highlight the Avenida neighborhood history, artistic monument walls incorporate various cultural motifs.

The Promesa Building was recognized by the San Antonio Business Journal as the "Best Community Project" for 2013.

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