Mariemont Junior High School

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Mariemont Junior High School is located at the former Fairfax Elementary site, which was demolished in the summer of 2010. The replacement Mariemont Junior High School is 55,000 square feet and consists of classrooms, a library, project laboratories, a gymnasium, media room, and lunchroom.

The Junior High School was constructed as part of a larger, Mariemont School District development plan, which also included additions and renovations to two elementary schools. 

Mariemont Elementary was a 75,000 square foot renovation and addition project, including several classroom additions as well as a library addition.  The gymnasium was part of the renovation. All mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were replaced with high-efficiency systems.

Terrace Park Elementary School was a 55,000 square foot. renovation and addition project, with classroom, library, and gymnasium additions. The original core of the building underwent a renovation, with features retained where possible.

All three buildings were completed within ten months of construction, and opened on time in fallof 2012.

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