Harborview Inpatient Expansion Building

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project at a glance

Referred to as “a building hung between two buildings,” the 240,000 square foot Norm Maleng Inpatient Expansion provides various medical services and access to opposite sides of the Harborview Medical Center campus. The 70-foot long skybridge is the scenic anchor for the hanging expansion building below and is made from monolithic metallic trusses that traverse Ninth Avenue. 

The Harborview expansion project originally faced tough questions about its size and scope and was scrutinized by local leaders. However, Turner’s BIM coordination was invaluable in helping determine how the mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure systems would fit within the Maleng Building expansion (which relied on an unconventional construction sequence of building from top to bottom). Additional detailing and communication between subcontractors was necessary to provide shock absorption for the suspended structure and account for future threats of seismic activity.

Logistical issues had to be addressed as well as structural ones, because hospital operations remained at 98% capacity during construction, Turner worked diligently to coordinate visitor/ambulance arrivals and Life Flight helicopter landings to minimize traffic flow disruptions.

The Harborview Medical Center Inpatient Expansion Building received a “Building of America” Award which represents the best in construction and honors the region’s most innovative, unique and challenging projects.

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