City of La Porte Courthouse

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The 11,300 square foot municipal courthouse was designed for daily court operations but will also be used as an Emergency Control Center for the City of La Porte during times of disaster. The single story concrete tiltwall construction was designed to withstand a Category Three hurricane while acting as the hub of operations during a disaster. 

Many sustainable features were implemented in a valued-added submittal process. These include such things as recycled glass tile used in restrooms, dual flush handles on water closets, (which saved 30% more water), and low VOC carpet adhesives and paints. In addition, indigenous and drought-tolerate plants allowed for utilization of a drip watering system as part of the irrigation plan.

While the Emergency Control Center is a benefit for the City of La Porte, the main use of the building will be the daily operations of court proceeding for the City.  The 4,000 square foot courtroom is completely finished in wood veneers and the associated offices will enable the City to process, file and hold meetings related to municipal court proceedings.

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