The Verdesian

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The Verdesian is a  27-story, 300,000 square foot "high-performance" multi-family residential tower with 254 rental units in Battery Park City includes a gymnasium, children's playroom, 24-hour concierge service, and a parking garage.

The Verdesian is the first multi-family, residential high-rise building in the United States to achieve Platinum LEED status.

Among the building's many environmental features are an HVAC system that conditions fresh air introduced into each apartment, exceeding New York City energy efficiency standards by almost 40%, and a natural gas micro-turbine that produces 70 kilowatts of electric power, lowering peak electric demand by 65%. Heliostats (rooftop mirrors) automatically track sunlight and redirect it to the neighboring park. The building is also linked to an existing black water treatment plant, which recycles water from bathrooms and kitchens to re-supply toilets and provide make-up water for the HVAC system cooling tower. It also harvests rainwater and stores 10,000 gallons of recycled water for irrigation for the "green" rooftop garden, which itself provides an important layer of insulation for the building.

The Verdesian uses flat-plate concrete floor construction, which offered an unrivaled speed of construction, at two days per floor cycle. The zinc panels of the exterior required Turner to use special precautions on handling and installation of this highly-sensitive material.

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