Turner Construction Company to Hold Annual Safety Stand-Down

May 02, 2018

Turner will hold its 14th annual company-wide Safety Stand-Down Monday, May 7, suspending work on jobsites around the world to engage employees and trade partners on key safety topics

Turner Construction Company jobsites around the world will suspend work May 7, as the firm holds its 14th annual Safety Stand-Down. The event will bring together Turner employees and more than 50,000 trade partners to reaffirm their collective commitment to safety and promote a culture of full engagement with the company’s safety program, Building L.I.F.E. (Living Injury Free Every Day).

Project teams across the company will also participate in Safety Week, holding daily toolbox talks on safety topics, such as personal protective equipment, ergonomics and safe material handling, and preventing slips, trips, and falls. Participants will explore these topics through the lens of this year’s Stand-Down theme, I Am Safe, which encourages workers to reflect on the relationship between three things that keep the site safe every day: the environment the team creates through the Building L.I.F.E. program, the personal choices each worker makes on and off the job, and everyone’s individual motivations to stay safe.

“The Safety Stand-Down gives us a chance to connect meaningfully with everyone who comes to work on a Turner site every day,” said Cindy DePrater, Vice President and Director of Environmental Health & Safety. “We discuss important topics, review critical safe behaviors, and talk candidly about what’s working and how we’re going to keep improving.” She added that the construction industry serves as a catalyst for change and delivering important civil and urban infrastructure projects to communities around the world. “Completing this work safely is incredibly personal, and at the same time none of us can do it alone – it takes all of us pulling in the same direction,” she continued. “In that spirit, the Stand-Down is also a valuable opportunity to engage with our people and partners and thank them for the respect and care they show each other when they work safe.”

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