Turner Shows Heart in Annual Michigan Pond Hockey Classic

January 15, 2018

Undeterred by a substantial snowfall, two Turner hockey teams recently laced up their skates and hit the ice for the Michigan Pond Hockey Classic, a weekend-long annual tournament to raise money for local youth sports organizations and school districts. 

“More than 100 teams—and more than 700 skaters—came out to support the cause and play the ‘greatest game we know’,” said Corey Pence, MEP engineer, describing three overcast but high-energy days of sticks, pucks, pads and friendly competition. “I know how much I loved to play growing up and what it meant to me. We take part in the tournament so more kids can have that experience of stepping out on the ice or the field as part of a team.”

Started in 2008, the Michigan Pond Hockey Classic helps defray the cost of participation in school sports for many local families. This year, after cancellations for unseasonably warm weather in 2016 and 2017, participants were thrilled to be back out on the pond.

Listing highlights of the weekend, Tom Idzkowski, an estimator, noted that Turner’s younger team in particular made a great showing in the pool-play on Friday and Saturday, staying undefeated, 3-0. He continued, “We lost in the playoff bracket on Sunday, but next year we’re bringing home the hardware!” 

Echoing Corey’s enduring love of the game, Tom added that the tournament gave colleagues who don’t work closely together a chance to connect over a shared passion for sport, as well as a shared commitment to community service. “The Michigan office is full of huge hockey fans,” said Tom. “But we don’t always have time to slow things down and enjoy each other’s company. And we certainly didn’t have time to slow things down on the ice! But on the sidelines we got to talk outside of our normal routine. And give back something to the next generation of local sports lovers.”

First row, left to right: Brett Saint Cyr, Tom Idzkowski, Joe Evangelista, Eric Walker
Second row, left to right: Stefan Kegebein, Nick Kuelske, Mike Carlstedt, Corey Pence, Ron Dawson, Mike Dawson, Jerry Moses

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