Turner’s Detroit office attend the annual Men Who Cook benefit for the ninth year in a row

June 13, 2017

For the ninth year in a row, grill masters from Turner’s office in Detroit got behind the grills at the annual Men Who Cook benefit, this time turning out Hawaiian- and Cuban-inspired fare to raise money for Henry Ford Hospital’s Tom Groth Patient Medical Needs Fund. More than 1,000 hungry people attended the event, which raised more than $200,000. 

“The theme this year was ‘Around the World,’ so we assembled and served 400 Hawaiian-inspired sliders with grilled pineapple and jalapenos, and 400 Cuban-inspired sliders with a blend of pulled pork, ham, pickles, jalapeno mustard, and cheese,” said Charlie Hornacek, senior project manager adding that this year’s flavors had people coming back for more. “Tom Groth helps patients without medical insurance get the care they need, which is an incredibly worthy cause. We fed people, had some fun and did some good. Not bad for a day’s work."

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