Self-Perform Group in Atlanta Makes Home Handicapped Accessible Ramps for Injured Girl

July 07, 2017

A team of volunteers from Turner’s self-perform group in Atlanta, Georgia, recently rolled up their sleeves and got to work building two wheelchair ramps for Abriya Douglas, a five year old paralyzed by a stray bullet in April. A local company, Mid-South Lumber, donated the materials.

“I heard about Abriya’s story from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the hospital where she was recovering, and I immediately thought Turner could get involved and make a tangible difference for her,” said Theresa Schroeder, vice president of Community and Citizenship. “She was just playing with her friends, jumping in a bounce-house at a birthday party. Being a kid. To even think about a tragedy is unbelievable but because of the world we live in, unfortunately, this happens all the time.”

“Her spinal injury happened at vertebrae T-11, which controls from the bellybutton to the feet,” explained Abriya’s mother, adding that the bullet also hit her spleen, her diaphragm and the muscles of her lower back. As she comes through each successive surgery, Abriya’s mother and grandmother are optimistic about her recovery – and with Turner’s help, they now have an accessible home in which to heal, recover, and continue to grow.

The police have not yet arrested the shooter, but they believe the incident to be gang-related.

“Though she is currently paralyzed there is some hope, because she still has feeling in her legs,” added Theresa. “But they’re going to need more help retrofitting their bathroom etc. And they’re going to need the community and everyone to cheer Abriya on so she can continue to rehab her injuries and maybe even walk again.”

The project also caught the attention of a local news crew. Check out their coverage, here:

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