Safety Strong

July 03, 2017

The Great Wolf Lodge team has fully implemented Turner’s Building L.I.F.E. program at their project site in LaGrange, Georgia, and they are seeing strong results. 

Under the leadership of project safety manager Sherri Romo-Sanchez (second from left holding sign), the team is implementing a range of safety initiatives for which the team was recognized during the Atlanta business unit's June Safety Meeting.

As part of the safety program at Great Wolf Lodge, the team hosts a Safety Stand-Down every Tuesday to review a safety topic.  Sherri has engaged multiple subcontractors to come present their safety tools and techniques; for example, Honeywell Industrial Safety demonstrated fall protection system during a recent Stand-Down event.

The team engages in stretch and flex daily with excellent participation, and the subcontractor safety recognition program allows the team to publically celebrate the safe practices of our subcontractors.  According to Safety Manager Ryan Gleason, the Great Wolf Lodge project team has been very proactive with its many safety initiatives and has created a ground up culture of safety with full buy-in and support of the subcontractor community.

This team has set the bar and all evidence points to a continued strong safety performance on this project.

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