Turner Selected to Manage Construction of Consolidated Rental Car Facility at San Antonio International Airport

August 21, 2015

San Antonio Airport improves passenger access to transportation with consolidated rental car facility

Turner Construction Company is pleased to announce that the City of San Antonio recently selected the company to manage the construction of a consolidated car rental facility at San Antonio International Airport.

Nestled between the terminal, FAA tower, and long-term parking structure, and connected to the terminal with a pedestrian sky bridge, the seven story facility will be home to at least nine rental car brands, customer service counters, offices, ready and return areas, and 1,400 public parking spaces, as well as a separate rental car service building with maintenance, wash, and fueling stations.

Travelers and employees of the airport and rental companies will benefit from the facility’s compact design, which seeks to maximize operational efficiency with features like stacked fuelling. Stacked fuelling saves time by giving rental car operators access to fuel on their respective floors of the structure, explains Eric Wildt, Turner’s senior project manager. “Every rental car floor in the garage is connected via a drive-aisle sky bridge to the company’s space in the service building. This means each rental car operator can drive straight across, refuel, wash, take care of their maintenance, and drive straight back instead of driving all the way down to the bottom of the garage for vehicle servicing.”

Scheduled for completion in 2018, the project also includes infrastructure work such as re-routing active utility lines, and site development. “We are looking forward to delivering a convenient and modern facility for travelers to San Antonio that will make it much easier to rent and return rental cars,” added Mr. Wildt.

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