Building Design and Construction Recognizes Turner as the Industry Leader in Building Information Modeling and Green Building

August 02, 2012

Building Design + Construction’s annual Giants 300 issue recognized Turner Construction Company as the number one BIM Construction Firm in the United States. Completing nearly $1.5 billion more in BIM construction in 2011 than the next closest firm, Turner leads the industry in the development and utilization of technology tools. The company’s clients are benefiting from Turner’s innovative application of technology such as the implementation of 3D site safety plans and the development proprietary software applications to improve efficiency of construction activities.

Building Design + Construction also recognized Turner as the number one green builder in the country. Turner completed $4.5 billion of green construction and developed the largest LEED-accredited staff in the United States. Turner’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond our jobsites and our staff to greening our operations and improving our environmental performance.


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