Turner Completes The New Yankee Stadium and Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center During Month of February

February 25, 2009

Turner Construction Company, the nation’s leading general builder, has substantially completed two landmark New York City projects this month, the new Yankee Stadium and Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall renovation and expansion.

Turner provided preconstruction and construction management services for the new Yankee Stadium in Bronx, N.Y. During the course of construction, the 1.3 million sq. ft., 52,325-capacity stadium required 12,700 tons of structural steel, 57,000 cubic yards of concrete, 35.5 miles of plumbing and HVAC piping, and 946 miles of electrical wire. The main centerfield scoreboard stretches 59 feet by 101 feet and the playing field sits 12 feet below street-level, allowing for easier access and vertical transportation to the four different levels of the building.

Turner will manage the selective demolition of the original stadium and will perform preconstruction services for Heritage Park and the redevelopment of Ruppert Place as a grand pedestrian walkway and plaza.

Turner provided construction management services for the first major renovation of Alice Tully Hall since its opening in 1969. The scope of work included a 5,000 sq. ft., three-story glass lobby expansion, interior revitalization, new rehearsal space and expansion of the dressing rooms and stage wings.

The installation of the mill veneer work in Alice Tully Hall was coordinated using 3D modeling (BIM) and was made from one log of moabi wood harvested in Gabon, Africa. Twenty percent of the wood was embedded in a recycled resin panel with LED lights behind it so the walls of the theater can appear to glow. During the course of construction, a unique 10,000 sq. ft. Quick-Deck platform, often used for bridge repair work, was hung from chains so work could be done on the ceiling while crews could continue working on the theater below. BIM was also utilized to coordinate the chair supports for the deck so it would not interfere with the electrical wiring, duct work and other components of the construction.

In addition, Turner is also managing the cantilevered expansion and renovation of The Juilliard School. These projects mark the continuation of a relationship between Turner and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts that first began with the construction of the Vivian Beaumont Theater, the New York State Theater and Avery Fisher Hall in 1964.

“We are honored that the New York Yankees Organization and the Lincoln Center Development Project selected us to be a part of these historic projects and to help to further shape the skyline and cultural makeup of New York City,” said Charles F. Murphy, vice president and general manager of Turner’s New York office.

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