LEED Documentation for General Contractors and Construction Managers

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Course Description

This course has been developed to assist construction professionals actively involved with projects pursuing certification under the 2009 LEED programs for New Construction and Major Renovation, Schools New Construction and Major Renovation, Commercial Interiors, Core and Shell Development to understand and properly administrate the construction phase documentation requirements and procedures during construction and during submission to GBCI. Program duration approximately 60 minutes.

  • Define energy credits, construction credits and design credits.Outline and describe the items/steps in the LEED Documentation checklist.
  • Describe the relevant requirements and how subcontractors will submit documentation for LEED credits.
  • List and describe the various types of information that needs to be collected for LEED documentation.
  • Perform submission of materials using LEED Online.

This course has been approved through USGBC's Education Review.


Delivery Method:
Web-based - Self-paced

Estimated Course Length:
1 Hour

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