Europe & Central Asia

Turner has worked on many landmark projects throughout Europe since 1986, including the International Convention Centre in Birmingham, U.K., and the recently completed Federation Tower in Moscow — now the tallest building in Europe. 

From managing fast-track construction on a steel high-rise to leveraging our preferential procurement opportunities, Turner has helped clients create the facilities they need to grow and succeed.

Operations for the European division are based out of Istanbul, Turkey, with additional offices in London (U.K.), Astana (Kazakhstan), Moscow (Russia), and Baku (Azerbaijan).

Notable European projects include:
  • Federation Tower, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Talan Towers, Astana, Kazakhstan (pictured above)
  • International Convention Centre, Birmingham, U.K.
  • Türkiye Is Bankasi Headquarters, Istanbul, Turkey 


Turkey (Regional HQ)

Fenerbahçe Mah. Bagdat Cad.
No:154 D:2
34726 Kadiköy, Istanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 216 356 3822



37 Khojaliave Avenue
Demirchi Tower, 15th Floor
Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan 1044

Phone: +994 12 404 7669



27 Syganak Street
Office 1305
010000 Astana, Kazakhstan

Phone: +7 (717) 279 27 44


Russian Federation

3 Smolenskaya Square
Moscow, Russian Federation 121099

Phone: +7 495 981 3607


United Kingdom

St. Bride’s House
10 Salisbury Square
London, UK, EC4Y 8EH


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