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Who We Are

Since 1965, when Turner Construction Company began building outside of the United States, Turner International has worked in more than 60 countries on some of the world’s most complex, sophisticated, and recognizable buildings.

With more than 1,500 dedicated staff, Turner International provides comprehensive management services through the development, design and construction phases of general building projects. With regional operations in Latin America and the Caribbean, India, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, Turner International manages more than $50 billion of work annually, on projects totaling more than 40 million square meters. 

Trusted Globally for 50 Years
In 2015, Turner International celebrated its 50th anniversary. As we reflect on our accomplishments and honor the many dedicated and brilliant people who have helped bring Turner International to this point, we recognize that our success, credibility in the industry, and geographic reach are largely due to their dedication, resourcefulness, and passion for the work we do. Read more.

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Business Philosophy

Respect for people has always been at the heart of Turner’s business.

Among the founding principles that continue to influence our culture, one stands out, seeming to embody all the others: Henry C. Turner’s business philosophy to treat clients as respected friends.

Implicit in this idea is that to conduct good business is to act consistently in our clients’ best interest, and to deliver on our promises. Our people live by this philosophy, recognizing that it is not only what we build, and where, but how we build and conduct business that shapes our legacy.

To this end, we strive to cultivate strong, productive relationships based on mutual respect with colleagues, local subcontractors, partners, and clients alike. We emphasize collaboration, communication, and the highest standards for quality in order to deliver our services safely and efficiently. And we engage deeply in the communities where we build, developing friendships and partnerships with members of the local workforce, as well as local families, businesses, charities, and organizations.

We are honored by the trust our clients place in us as we work to realize their vision.

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What We Do

Turner International provides the highest quality construction services—including project management, construction management, and consulting—throughout Southeast Asia, India, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. We collaborate with world-renowned designers, engineers, and clients to deliver technically sophisticated and exciting building projects to cities and communities around the globe.

Serving clients as their primary advocate, our project teams monitor the day-to-day progress, safety, and quality of projects on their behalf, from the earliest planning stages through project turnover and closeout. Our services can include everything from evaluating the master project schedule and working with our partners to implement risk management procedures, to managing testing and commissioning, and overseeing final inspections and punchlists.

Where We Work

Turner International has regional operations in Latin America and the Caribbean, India, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Wherever we work, we are proud to provide the accessibility and on-the-ground support of a local firm, supported by the strength, stability, and resources of an international company. Meet our senior regional leaders.

Europe & Central Asia
Turner International’s European operations are based out of Istanbul, Turkey, with additional offices in Moscow, Russia and Belgrade, Serbia. Since 1986, we have worked on a wide variety of landmark projects throughout the region, including the International Convention Centre in Birmingham, England, and the Federation Tower in Moscow, Russia.
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Turner entered the Indian marketplace in 2007, providing program management services on a large number of mixed-use developments for local real estate giant Hirco. We have since provided services to local and international developers in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. Our extensive experience working in partnership with the Indian general contracting community—with whom we have collaborated in the Middle East for more than 30 years—provides a foundation of trust and mutual respect that helps us navigate, and succeed in this dynamic marketplace.
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Latin America & the Caribbean
Turner has worked in Latin America and the Caribbean since 1982. With regional operations based out of Mexico City, the company is well positioned to partner with the growing number of firms, organizations, and developers mobilizing within the country and throughout the region. 
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Middle East
Turner has operated in the Middle East since 1975, building a strong portfolio of unique and complex construction projects. In 2006, Turner teamed with Dubai-based global property developer Emaar Properties PJSC to jointly embrace regional growth opportunities and form a new business entity called Turner International Middle East.Turner's presence in the Middle East/North Africa region includes the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and Qatar. 
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Southeast Asia
Turner began working in Asia in 1965 with the construction of Hong Kong's Mei Foo Sun Chuen, one of the world's largest residential complexes at the time. Now, with regional headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and additional offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam, and Jakarta, Indonesia, we continue to expand our presence in this rapidly developing part of the world.
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  • Abrar Sheriff

    President and Chief Executive Officer, Turner International

    (212) 229-6080

  • Maja Cesljevic

    Vice President & Regional Manager, Europe & Central Asia

    +381 11-715-6962

  • Jairam Panch

    Vice President & Managing Director, India

    +91 22 7130 0600

  • Arturo Taboada

    Vice President & Regional Manager, Latin America & the Caribbean

    +52 (55) 5980-7620

  • Michael Doring

    Vice President & Regional Manager, Southeast Asia

    +62 21-5789-5922

  • Ali H. Odeh

    Chairman & CEO, Turner International Middle East

    +971 4-337-0990

  • Matt Makes

    Director of Business Development

    (212) 229-6150

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