New York University Downtown Hospital Emergency Room

project at a glance

  • Client New York University Downtown Hospital
  • Architect Rosenfeld & Magnusson  
  • Location New York, NY
  • Attributes HealthcareHospitalNew York

The renovation of New York University's Downtown Hospital created a 28,000 square foot Emergency Room, doubling the capacity of the original. The project included a 35,000 square foot, phased renovation and a 22,000 square foot addition to the emergency department, completed while the emergency department continued operations. 

The renovation included expansion of the trauma room, addition of patient care space in the emergency center, addition of dedicated OB-GYN and pediatric emergency care space and general updates to meet disaster preparedness needs such as improved ambulance access, decontamination units for potential biohazard attacks, enhanced communcations and air handling systems.

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