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Five Phases of the Medical and Research Solutions Transition Model 
Inquire, Listen and Learn – Prior to beginning the transition and relocation work, we inquire and Learn about the facility’s project and organization by engaging with the facility’s leadership team, gaining an understanding of the existing and new facilities, checking facts and setting goals.  This first phase begins at the start of the engagement.

After gaining a complete understanding of the project, we build a strategy that Transition Leadership Team will utilize to carry out the transition and relocation work.  Key ingredients of the Strategy Phase include establishment of the Transition Leadership Team and Committees, verifying assumptions, defining the critical path of the transition process, developing the Transition Budget and verifying Medical Equipment Status.

Facilitate and Manage
With our strategy in place, it is now time to begin the transition and relocation planning work.  During the Facilitate and Manage Phase, MRS will focus efforts on facilitating activities and producing the MRS Deliverables defined by the Request for Proposal.  Task lists are developed, tracked and completed.  Many transition management tools (Primavera Schedules, risk analysis, issues resolution log, etc.) are utilized to keep the project on track.  Managing and completing the transition work is accomplished through the performance of MRS Transition Managers and the Mercy Transition Leadership Team and staff.  Key activities accomplished during the Facilitate and Manage Phase are:

  • Development of the facility Move Plan
  • Information Technology Planning
  • Identification of Department Workflow Improvement Opportunities
  • Integration of department move plans
  • Define care models and protocols
Training and Orientation
With the majority of the planning accomplished, the Facility/MRS Team now turns its attention to the training and orientation needs of clinicians and staff. The training and orientation of clinical staff and employees is an important aspect of the Transition Model.  As process changes are identified, environmental details become evident, and new equipment is acquired, education models are identified and developed.  During the Training and Orientation Phase, the Transition Leadership Team implements its information technology integration and testing strategy, conducts orientation sessions to prepare staff for their new environment, practices new processes and protocols and maps out the details of the physical move to the new facility.

Implementation is the final phase of the Transition Model.  All of the emphasis up to this point has been focused on transition and relocation planning and preparation.  The Implementation Phase is where we implement the plans we have developed in previous months and complete the relocation process.  During the Implementation Phase, we complete final digital systems testing, department pre-stocking, coordinate move preparations, implement the “Go Live” plan, complete final inspections and licensing requirements and conduct the patient move to the new patient units.

As the various steps of the Transition Plan are developed and work activities are accomplished, many of the requirements are applicable to both the operational and the relocation activities.  The initial organizational structure is utilized throughout both processes.  The Transition Leadership Team and the assigned committees work together to achieve the end results.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Turner Construction Company, the leading healthcare builder in the U.S., Turner Medical and Research Solutions (MRS) combines the top ranked Healthcare Builder for over 20 years, Turner, with medical equipment experts, to deliver a design-build medical equipment solution.  This solution brings a new level of service to the unique demands of these projects by combining a wealth of construction experience with medical and research equipment supply chain knowledge.  

MRS offers unique solutions for Medical and Research Projects including a full range of integrated services from inventory, programming and budget development through equipment installation, turnover and warranty management.
Through each project, our professional staff offers a single point of contact and accountability to ensure direct communications with all involved parties for critical equipment information. MRS ensures that careful and thorough coordination of infrastructure requirements are incorporated into both the equipment plan and construction documents and that your staff is augmented as needed and when needed.  
MRS accommodates each client’s risk management needs by offering flexible contract solutions including Consulting, Cost Plus, Lump Sum, and Cost Guarantee (GMP) options.
MRS is focused on the four fundamental factors in successful equipment management: 

  • Creating a clinically appropriate Equipment Plan
  • Managing a comprehensive and competitive  strategy to Procure  the equipment within budget
  • Managing the process to Place all equipment in the facility while avoiding delays and additional costs
  • Transition and Relocation Model including a comprehensive move plan that is focused on organization, communication, coordination, control and accountability
  • Turner MRS applies Tools and  techniques of construction management to the complexities of medical equipment procurement, coordination and installation on medical construction projects. 
We understand what it takes to accomplish this and believe that engaging Turner MRS for these services will allow the existing hospital staff to do what they do best every day: support and deliver high quality patient care.

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