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The Turner Medical Equipment and FF&E team will manage the procurement process using a highly detailed “scope of work” approach similar to the Turner Construction Company method for building construction bid packages. This will result in a thoroughly coordinated purchasing process ensuring details and requirements do not “fall through the cracks” as a result of uncertainty regarding needs and responsibility.   As an independent consultant, our team has no manufacturer allegiances that might otherwise get in the way of an objective and unbiased evaluation.  Vendor prices are not marked up by MRS.  We earn our money on a “GC & Fee” approach as does Turner and we price our services based on staff studies and fee for services.
The roadmap for procuring the equipment starts with defining the scope of work for all packages of similar equipment to be purchased. The scope of work defines exactly what is to be purchased and how and when it should be delivered to the jobsite allowing all vendors and manufacturers to offer the most competitive pricing.  This pricing is optimized as a result of us eliminating ambiguity and risk for bidders.  
Our team can addresses costs with an aggregated equipment purchasing model that has been proven to drive pricing results that are the best in the industry. The team maintains strategic relationships with most national medical equipment manufacturers.  Through the significant business Turner conducts with these manufacturers each year, our clients are able to benefit from enhanced responsiveness and attention for the benefit of their projects.  We can also manage the installation of mock-ups of competing manufacturers’ equipment for user group “hands on” evaluation and selection if desired prior to bidding.
Our Prioritization Schedule will clearly map out all clinical decisions and clarify the “last responsible moment” for the Hospital to make these decisions while still capturing the latest technology available. This attention to detail during the procurement phase reduces unknowns, results in lower costs, and eliminates delays in the field from unanticipated equipment configurations or shipments.
Equipment can be procured by our team using either the hospital’s existing purchasing systems or directly with us holding the paper.  If existing hospital systems are used our staff will complete all purchasing system paperwork. With either approach we will be the sole point of responsibility for drafting all purchase orders and assuring that the exact scope of what was defined in the scope of work is actually purchased at the stated bid price with “no surprises”. Delivery terms and conditions are thoroughly managed and will support the schedule and logistical needs of the project.  All bids received will be thoroughly analyzed prior to award recommendations.

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