Plan, Procure, Place


Make the right equipment decisions.

Comprehensive reports and budgets aligned with your needs.

In the planning stage, our key objectives are:

  • Establish a responsible equipment plan and budget for all departmentsbalancing clinical needs, clinician desires, and overall project budget
  • Develop an equipment schedule incorporating project design and construction milestones and planning activities
  • Provide the project team with the necessary technical data for all equipment deemed to have architectural significance to the design of the building and/or its systems
  • Identify responsibilities to eliminate duplication effort
  • Support the Integrated Project Delivery method


Make the right equipment decisions at the right time

Source specified equipment to achieve construction schedule.

In the procurement stage, our key objectives are:

  • Ensure the equipment and the required utilities are accurately reflected on the drawing, the documents are purchase ready, and the original design intent is conveyed to all bidders
  • Develop a purchasing prioritization schedule to ensure that the most criticalequipment is scheduled for procurement in timeframes to support the overallconstruction schedule
  • Establish detailed procurement procedures and clearly define the separation of responsibilities between medical facility purchasing and Turner MRS
  • Appropriately configured equipment is purchased within budget with terms
  • Support the project schedule and logistical needs
  • Conduct a bid review to compare planned requirements with actual requirements
  • Communicate rough-in requirements for purchased equipment to the design team


Make the right equipment decisions for the right reasons.

Avoid construction conflicts to ensure delivery and installation objectives.

In the placing stage, our key objectives are:

  • Deliver and install equipment when needed to maintain schedule and protect prior to project completion
  • Quickly resolve RFIs related to medical equipment
  • Assist the project team in initial review of any medical equipment related change requests
  • Employ and inventory system to track deliveries, receiving of equipment, and distribution at the site
  • Establish the care and custody procedures for receiving full or partial shipments and how to mark exceptions



  • Intern - Engineering - Summer 2016 - NYC

    This position is for our 2016 Summer internship program. Reports to the Project Engineer.  Assists in obtaining, evaluating, coordinating and distributing the information and authorizations needed to construct the project on time, within budget, and to the quality specified.   

    NEW YORK, NY 10014

  • Intern - VDC (BIM) Headquarters

    The purpose of the internship is to provide the student with supervised practice - at the jobsite or in the office - in the application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in construction. Intern will provide support to the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Project staff through assisting with 3D modeling and/or communication tasks. Reports to: VDC Preconstruction Engineer, VDC Engineer, VDC Project Manager, VDC Manager  

    NEW YORK, NY 10014

  • Mechanical/Electrical Engineer - NYC

    Manage, evaluate and assess information related to MEP systems necessary to construct the project on time, within budget and to the quality specified by the contract documents. Has supervisory responsibility for Assistant Engineers, Engineering Assistants, and Interns. The MEP Engineer is the individual on the project responsible for building the MEP systems “on paper.” Reports to MEP Manager, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Project Executive.

    NEW YORK, NY 10014

  • Engineering Intern - Summer 2017 - NYC - YouthForce 2020

    This position is for YouthForce 2020 applicants to the 2017 Summer Internship Program. Reports to the Project Engineer. Assists in obtaining, evaluating, coordinating and distributing the information and authorizations needed to construct the project on time, within budget, and to the quality specified.

    NEW YORK, NY 10014

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