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Detailing the scope of the equipment required to meet the facility’s technology needs, program, and purpose, the Plan phase will result in a comprehensive room by room and department by department plan and budget starting with conceptual information continually refined through the design development stage.  Our experience is that a “square foot number” or an equipment budget based solely on a percentage of the construction budget, as is common, is inadequate to accurately predict equipment costs, appropriate equipment, or the schedule impacts of equipment selections.
We will work with the project team to ensure that a responsible and comprehensive equipment budget is an integral part of the overall project budget through all stages of design. Our construction experience helps reduce any duplication of scope and increases the information flow throughout the design and construction process. If desired, this can include the results of a complete equipment inventory to ensure that maximum benefit is achieved from any existing equipment with remaining useful life.

The primary purpose of the equipment management process is to ensure that the necessary clinical solution is complemented by the actual equipment selected. Communicating the attributes of the selected equipment to the design and construction team while understanding the schedule and budget impact of those decisions requires a depth of knowledge of the construction process and an understanding of design and construction milestones.  Responsible and thorough design integration with selected equipment is an essential ingredient for controlling the budget and managing the schedule.
We will ensure that the overall project schedule accurately reflects the selection decisions, procurement timing, and installation of all equipment but particularly all Group 1 and Group 2 equipment as this equipment, requiring fixed or accessible connectivity to utilities or structural support, typically has the greatest impact on the design and field coordination.  Crucial to establishing the schedule is an understanding of the “last responsible moment” when major equipment selection decisions can be made without negatively impacting the scheduled overall project completion.  Make the right decision at the right time for the right reasons.

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