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The Medical Equipment and FF&E team will take full responsibility for facilitating the receiving, unloading, distribution, installation and clean-up associated with all equipment. This can be a huge undertaking that is rarely managed well on a hospital project and usually is the responsibility of numerous parties including the hospital, contractor, vendors, and manufacturers without clear central guidance and direction. The procurement process will be structured so that equipment arrives only when needed in a “construction friendly” manner in separate shipments for rough-in and final installation as required.  All equipment deliveries will be managed in detail for each item and from each vendor to ensure schedule conformance.

Field coordination assures that the detailed requirements of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing connections as well as above ceiling or in-wall supports for all equipment are indicated on the design documents eliminating cost and schedule overruns. We are uniquely equipped for the detailed level of field coordination essential in major healthcare facilities.     
We will apply our detailed product knowledge gained through the planning phase and by scoping our procurement packages toward assuring equipment rough-in components are shipped in advance of finish and trim components.  This approach ensures construction progress is not impeded during rough-in and the chance of damage to finish components installed on site too early is eliminated.  Vendors will be expected to ship and install equipment in a project and client focused fashion support this approach.  The use of an offsite warehouse for delivery and assembly of equipment prior to delivery to the site may be used depending on space, market and schedule conditions.
Installation activities will be highly coordinated with the construction schedule and the needs of the project and hospital rather than allowing vendors and manufacturers to dictate terms and conditions of how and when equipment will be delivered and installed.  The rough-in requirements of all equipment will be thoroughly coordinated with the project architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing documents.  The complexities of the rough-in requirements for all equipment will be managed using our Equipment Coordination Matrix which documents the results of an in-depth thorough constructability review of all equipment against the contract documents to ensure that all required utilities and rough-in provisions are accounted for in the design. 

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