Turner Green Zone

For the sixth year in a row, Turner jobsites and local offices have completed the Turner Green Zone survey. And the results are in.

The Turner Green Zone designation indicates a jobsite that taken specific, measurable steps to improve health and working conditions for Turner staff while reducing the environmental impact of jobsite operations, from using green cleaning products and recycled paper goods to taking public transportation and automatically turning out lights at the end of the day.

The survey includes 12 prerequisites and 50 credits in five categories, from Well-being and Environmental Quality, to Recycling and Waste, to Energy and Atmosphere, and Innovation and Design. To achieve designation as a Turner Green Zone, a project or office must achieve all 12 prerequisites and at least five additional credits.

This year, 322 sites and offices completed the checklist and we are very pleased to announce that 105 achieved enough prerequisites and credits to be certified as Turner Green Zones. We are also pleased to recognize an additional group of ten projects that achieved Green Zone Status through an alternative compliance path: these teams achieved high credit totals—in some cases, the highest of the survey—despite missing one or more prerequisites.

The Top Ten Turner Green Zone projects are:

  1. Hilton Cleveland Downtown (36 credits)
  2. UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland (30 credits)
  3. 75 Hawthorne EPA San Francisco (30 credits)
  4. Columbus Main Office (26 credits)
  5. Lathrop Main Office (26 credits)
  6. Intel SPGC Oregon (26 credits)
  7. BGE Front Street Maryland (25 credits)
  8. Children’s Hospital Boston Waltham Campus Enabling (25 credits)
  9. Global Foundries SPGC – NY North (25 Credits)
  10. NY North Syracuse Main Office (24 Credits)

Additional Turner Green Zone Projects receiving recognition are:

  1. 75 Hawthorne San Francisco EPA  (30 credits, 11 prerequisites)
  2. BGE Front Street Baltimore (25 credits, 9 prerequisites)
  3. Kevin Guest House Renovation Buffalo (24 credits, 11 prerequisites)
  4. Brookfield Lobby 225 Liberty Street – New York Interiors (24 credits, 9 prerequisites)
  5. LA Wilshire Grand Hotel Field Office (23 credits, 11 prerequisites)
  6. Oishei Children’s Hospital Buffalo ( 23 credits, 11 prerequisites)
  7. New Jersey BMW North America BMS Phase 06 (22 credits, 9 prerequisites)
  8. Deutsch Family Wine Stamford (21 credits, 9 prerequisites)
  9. Lockheed Martin Missile Fire Control Orlando (21 credits, 9 prerequisites)
  10.  Exelon Baltimore HQ (21 credits, 11 prerequisites)


  • Peter Davoren

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    (212) 229-6313

  • Pat Di Filippo

    Executive Vice President

    (212) 229-6207

  • Michael Kuntz

    Executive Vice President

    (212) 229-6373

  • Tom Gerlach

    Executive Vice President

    (212) 229-6060

  • Karen Gould

    Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

    (212) 229-6296

  • Mark Boyle

    Senior Vice President, Chief Procurement Officer

    (201) 644-2521

  • Stephen Fort

    Senior Vice President; President of Canadian Turner Construction Company

    (312) 327-2813

  • Lars Leitner

    Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer

    (212) 229-6052

  • Tom Reilly

    Senior Vice President

    (215) 496-8890

  • Abrar Sheriff

    Senior Vice President; CEO of Turner International

    (212) 229-6080

  • Chris McFadden

    Vice President, Communications

    (212) 229-6145

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