Green Building Market Barometer

Turner began publishing the Green Market Barometer, a survey of real estate executives' perceptions about the costs and benefits of green buildings, in 2004.

2014 Green Building Survey Highlight
In the sixth edition of Turner Construction Company’s Green Building Market Barometer series, commitment to Green construction remains high, with a greater focus on the benefits of improving the health, wellbeing, and productivity of occupants and the organization’s ability to recruit and retain employees.

Green Building Market Barometer

2012 Green Building Survey Highlight
Key findings of the 2012 Survey reveal that while executives remain committed to incorporating sustainable building practices into their building programs, fewer said their companies were likely to seek LEED certification from the US Green Building Council when constructing a Green building. 

Green Building Market Barometer



2010 Green Building Survey Highlight
Turner Green Building Survey reveals 90% of Executives are Extremely or Very Likely to Incorporate Energy Efficiency Improvements in New Construction and Renovations.
Survey  Finds Factors 88% of Respondents Cite Energy Efficiency, 86% Cite Ongoing Operations and Maintenance, 72% Cite Health and Wellbeing of Occupants as Extremely or Very Important in Decision to Incorporate Green Features.

Green Building Market Barometer

2008 Green Building Survey Highlight
Credit Market Condition Not Likely To Affect Plans To Build Green Buildings, Say 75% Of Commercial Real Estate Executives Surveyed By Turner Construction Company 
Turner’s Green Building Market Barometer Finds 84% of Respondents Citing Lower Energy Costs in Green Buildings; 68% Note Overall Operating Cost Savings; 72% Say Green Creates Higher Building Values  

Green Building Market Barometer

2005 Green Building Survey Highlight
Turner Green Building Survey Reveals That More Than 70% Of Executives Believe That Green Buildings Enhance Student Performance And Ability To Retain Teachers.
Survey finds that total long-term costs lower than perceived, yet lack of awareness and mis-perception of higher construction costs still primary obstacles to building green.

Green Building Market Barometer

2004 Turner Green Building Survey Highlight
Turner Green Building Survey Reveals 93% Of Executives Working With Green Buildings Expect Green Workload To Rise In The Next Three Years
Survey Finds Greater Experience with Green Building Practices Leads to Increased Efficiency and ROI.

Green Building Market Barometer


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