Building In Quality: Production Planning, Construction Technologies & BIM for Construction
BIM is a process for leveraging the information within 3D models as a central platform for collaboration.  As a visual central informational database, BIM can be used throughout the Design, Preconstruction, and Construction phases of work.  BIM for constructability analysis, logistics planning, schedule visualization, clash detection, laser scanning, and model based layout will be discussed.

Planning Out Waste: Partnering and IPD, Lean Process Improvement & BIM for Design & Preconstruction
The implementation of BIM can be most successful with the help of collaborative contractual arrangements and having a focus on continuous improvement, creation of value for all parties, reduction of waste, and positive environmental resource impact.  Hear how BIM, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), and Lean Construction principles can all work together in the building process.  BIM for design visualization, model based estimating, model based code checking, and energy analysis will be discussed.
  Operating Effectively: Total Cost of Ownership & BIM for Facilities Management
After using BIM throughout all aspects of Design and Construction, the result is an intelligent visual as-built that can be used to help manage a facility.  Hear how this model can be structured and cloud synced to provide model based management of a facility.  A higher education project BIM to FM deliverable will be shown using cloud synced documents and bar code scanning to track status and apply real time information graphically to building assets in the model based deliverable.  It will also look at a live link from the model to the facilities Building Management System which provides an up to the minute graphic representation of building equipment status (temperature, alarm, energy usage, etc.)

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