National War Memorial

project at a glance

The National War Memorial is constructed to commemorate the martyrs of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force who have made supreme sacrifices in the service of the nation.

This iconic project is built in the heart of Indian Capital, New Delhi and is spread across 40 acres (161874 sqm). It includes a Central Obelisk, an Eternal flame, and six bronze Murals depicting famous battles fought by the Army, Air Force and Navy.

The memorial is developed in four lawns of the C- Hexagon and consists of the following design zones:

The National War Memorial 

# The Param Veer Chakra Park 

# The Children Park Lawn 

# The Lawn around the Canopy

# Footpath on the Periphery and Axial roads of C – Hexagon

The names of approximately 25,942 soldiers who have been martyred since India’s Independence have been inscribed here. The Param Veer Chakra Park with landscape elements is designed to commemorate the conferees of the highest gallantry award. The bust with a brief citation of 21 Param Veer Chakra awardees has been arranged in an organic manner in the park with the intention to retain the existing tress and landscape.

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