Tufts University, Science and Engineering Complex

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project at a glance

The interdisciplinary high performance Science and Engineering Complex on the Tufts University campus is integrated with two original, adjacent buildings, establishing an optimal central location for the University’s core science and engineering programs.

The building is home to two research lab wings that contain flexible lab suites on each floor in order to accommodate a wide array of research and specialized scientific core facilities. These wings unite to form an L-shaped atrium, which is the social center of the complex. The atrium displays red and white brick walls, stone countertops covering the café, and high white walls with glass railings. A massive skylight on the ceiling covers the length of the atrium, which is complemented by 1900-era brick wall.

The project aims to achieve the highest possible standards of sustainable green design and efficient long-term facility operations. High quality and precise work was completed throughout the space to manicure the k-13 acoustical spray-on around the termination edges where the steel meets the wall.

Photography credit: Chuck Choi

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