Montgomery County Community College Advanced Technology Center

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A new three-story, 60,000 SF science building for Montgomery County Community College, the building features: four high-technology laboratories tied to a powerful cluster computing system for computations support; four fully-integrated computer training laboratories for advanced computer information systems; eight “smart” classrooms designed to maximize learning through cutting-edge content delivery systems; digital-technology audio and video production studio complexes that include a campus radio station and equipment for training students in live broadcasting; two fully-integrated animation/video/music production laboratories for high-end entertainment product development; and an astronomy observatory and observation platform with remote control features for students and the global community.  Other key features include: a three-story open atrium; an educational technology development laboratory for faculty and staff training; a digital presentation gallery for display of student work; a data infrastructure that supports high-speed connectivity and wireless access; and a uniquely-designed tiered presentation hall that can serve as a 64-seat video conferencing facility or dual “smart” classrooms.

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